The Plush Interior transcends the common associations with a rock duo.

Inhabiting their own space between indie and progressive rock, The Plush Interior's sound relies on a deceptively minimalistic approach spurred on by the unique instrumentation.
TPI combines bass & guitar onto one instrument, the 8 string guitar, played by Vincent Denis, which allows drummer Andrew Gordon to create layered, spacious grooves utilizing the sparse arrangements to his advantage.

Throughout its 10 year existence, the Plush Interior has taken on various forms, with the Denis & Gordon duo always at its core.
A good portion of their material is instrumental, and may feature guest soloists (Chris Miller on saxophone for example, on Somber).
The band has also accumulated an extensive catalog of vocal songs, which have featured female vocalists (Brittany Voss, Elyse Ryan, or Shawn Traister), or lately, the indie rock singer/songwriter Neil Russell.

The Plush Interior, through their recorded catalog & live shows, aims to continually evolve, while retaining the Denis & Gordon finely tuned dynamic.