'Tis the season...

...to be jolly, but also to be thankful for what we have, the joy people have brought in our lives this year, and the inspiration they provide.

It is also a great time to think of those less fortunate, and if possible, do something for them.
Which is why we'd like to put the spotlight on a wonderful foundation: Seeds of Africa.
Its founder is the vibrant Atti Worku, and Vincent was fortunate enough to attend a fundraising event last week, and couldn't help but be quite taken by her energy and radiance, which permeates into every aspect of the foundation.
Take a moment to visit their website here, or their facebook page here.

Also, a wonderful artist performed at the event, and we're happy to put the spotlight on her too, as she has such a wonderful spirit (and a kickass NY band).
Her name is Wayna, and we can't recommend it enough that you catch one of her live performances.
More on her here.

We wish you the best during the holidays, and for those that may not have their loved ones close by, our family & our hearts are always open for you.

Warm Hugs & Best Wishes!

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