TPI as a duo!

Well, we're sure hibernating fine and much to our shock it's been almost a couple of months since the last update.

What is it they say again about still waters?...

The main announcement for this new year is that The Plush Interior is changing its lineup.
We're going back to the core duo of Andrew & Vincent.
Neil has been a great bandmate and very worthy lead singer these past couple of years, and we're very proud of the work we've achieved with him.
(He has been hard at work on a cool solo EP, you can listen to here)
With him in Baltimore and his upcoming move to Ireland though, we felt it made sense to go back to the duo and have featured players as needed.
The exciting part is that we'll try to keep it diverse and call upon different singers to keep gigs interesting. This will in turn also mark the return of instrumental tunes in the set.
Regarding gigs we're actually going to be a lot less active on that front. The Plush Interior is becoming more of a concept, and this website is going to be key in showcasing the best of the incredible amount of music we've accumulated throughout the years. So stay tuned.

We're also very proud to announce that Vincent was picked to play with Marillion in their Swap the Band event at the Marillion Weekend 2015 in Montreal!
As you may know, Marillion is Vincent's favorite band, and this honor is beyond words.

Vincent can also currently be found performing with Satorii, a very energetic Drum n' Bass/Electronica band from Brooklyn. Check them out here.

And while Andrew is still the same driving force behind the kit, in his spare time he has found a new job, recently got engaged, and invented a new flavor of instant oatmeal. For all we know, he may even fight crime in tights at night. Some of these statements aren't exactly accurate.

Quite a slew of major news if you ask us.
Guess those waters do run deep...

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