Winter times...

It's been forever since we posted, and for good reason.
Neil moved to Baltimore in September, so our gigging has been put on a hold for a little while, until we figure out new places to play (most likely in the Baltimore, Washington DC area).
Our main goal throughout this winter is to record some tracks, so come Spring 2015 we'll have a more extensive recorded library of songs to present to you.

Little things are still happening here and there though.

Recently Cathy Grier, a good friend of Vincent's, and long time NYC Subway performer, posted a video of their summer jam at Penn Station.


Vincent has also submitted a video to take part in Swap The Band at the Marillion Weekend in Montréal, in April 2015.
It would give him the tremendous opportunity to sit in with the band and play a song with them, so wish him luck.


Enjoy the Holidays! Stay warm wherever you are.


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