Best weekend ever...? 

Andrew & Vincent just returned from what was arguably the greatest weekend ever!
They went to see Marillion perform 3 amazing nights of music in Montreal.
To top it off, Vincent joined the band (replacing the irreplaceable Steve Rothery) on guitar for "Under The Sun" during their "Swap The Band" event.
Words cannot describe the joy, beauty & elation of such a moment, and the weekend as a whole, but maybe some of the following pictures will give you an idea of how magical it was.
Hope everybody is doing great, and finding their own ways to fill their hearts with music and inspiration.

First, lunch at Schwartz's of course!

"Swap The Band" Soundcheck pictures:

Sunday night concert...what a finale!

Off to the side... 

Vincent has been involved in a couple of side projects worth mentioning.

First off, Satorii, an electronic fusion band from Brooklyn.
They're a great live act. Catch them this Thursday (March 26th) at Bar Matchless.

More info on the band here.

Also, Vincent joined forces with James Saint-Amour (from the aforementioned Satorii), to submit an application for the Music Under New York auditions.
Wish them luck!

Here are some cool videos the duo released (extra special thanks to Jonathan De Leon for the stellar directing & editing):


TPI as a duo! 

Well, we're sure hibernating fine and much to our shock it's been almost a couple of months since the last update.

What is it they say again about still waters?...

The main announcement for this new year is that The Plush Interior is changing its lineup.
We're going back to the core duo of Andrew & Vincent.
Neil has been a great bandmate and very worthy lead singer these past couple of years, and we're very proud of the work we've achieved with him.
(He has been hard at work on a cool solo EP, you can listen to here)
With him in Baltimore and his upcoming move to Ireland though, we felt it made sense to go back to the duo and have featured players as needed.
The exciting part is that we'll try to keep it diverse and call upon different singers to keep gigs interesting. This will in turn also mark the return of instrumental tunes in the set.
Regarding gigs we're actually going to be a lot less active on that front. The Plush Interior is becoming more of a concept, and this website is going to be key in showcasing the best of the incredible amount of music we've accumulated throughout the years. So stay tuned.

We're also very proud to announce that Vincent was picked to play with Marillion in their Swap the Band event at the Marillion Weekend 2015 in Montreal!
As you may know, Marillion is Vincent's favorite band, and this honor is beyond words.

Vincent can also currently be found performing with Satorii, a very energetic Drum n' Bass/Electronica band from Brooklyn. Check them out here.

And while Andrew is still the same driving force behind the kit, in his spare time he has found a new job, recently got engaged, and invented a new flavor of instant oatmeal. For all we know, he may even fight crime in tights at night. Some of these statements aren't exactly accurate.

Quite a slew of major news if you ask us.
Guess those waters do run deep...

'Tis the season... be jolly, but also to be thankful for what we have, the joy people have brought in our lives this year, and the inspiration they provide.

It is also a great time to think of those less fortunate, and if possible, do something for them.
Which is why we'd like to put the spotlight on a wonderful foundation: Seeds of Africa.
Its founder is the vibrant Atti Worku, and Vincent was fortunate enough to attend a fundraising event last week, and couldn't help but be quite taken by her energy and radiance, which permeates into every aspect of the foundation.
Take a moment to visit their website here, or their facebook page here.

Also, a wonderful artist performed at the event, and we're happy to put the spotlight on her too, as she has such a wonderful spirit (and a kickass NY band).
Her name is Wayna, and we can't recommend it enough that you catch one of her live performances.
More on her here.

We wish you the best during the holidays, and for those that may not have their loved ones close by, our family & our hearts are always open for you.

Warm Hugs & Best Wishes!

Winter times... 

It's been forever since we posted, and for good reason.
Neil moved to Baltimore in September, so our gigging has been put on a hold for a little while, until we figure out new places to play (most likely in the Baltimore, Washington DC area).
Our main goal throughout this winter is to record some tracks, so come Spring 2015 we'll have a more extensive recorded library of songs to present to you.

Little things are still happening here and there though.

Recently Cathy Grier, a good friend of Vincent's, and long time NYC Subway performer, posted a video of their summer jam at Penn Station.


Vincent has also submitted a video to take part in Swap The Band at the Marillion Weekend in Montréal, in April 2015.
It would give him the tremendous opportunity to sit in with the band and play a song with them, so wish him luck.


Enjoy the Holidays! Stay warm wherever you are.


Behind the scenes... 

We'd like to give you a peek behind the curtain, to bring attention to the wonderful & talented individuals who helped bring this website alive, most notably through their meticulous work on the Plush puppets.

Aleta Valleau Mangual is the crafty hand that transformed a few pieces of burlap, stuffing, and thread into three dimensional creatures.

You can find her here.

Frank Maiello is the eye that captured said creatures onto digital film and made them appear larger than life.

You can find him here.

Heartfelt thanks from us to them.
They are the newest members of the TPI family...

Onto the next adventure! 

Thanks to all that came out to Spike Hill! It was a blast, with old friends, and new fans.

As you may know, our singer, Neil, is moving to Baltimore by the end of the month, so this was a cool way to wrap up this chapter of our live shows, at what is arguably our favorite venue in Brooklyn.
But we will be back soon.
While we'll concentrate on the Baltimore/Washington area to reach new fans, we'll definitely hit NYC again, sooner than later.

Enjoy the new website. Give us feedback. Sign up for the mailing list. And we'll see you in a club near you very soon.


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